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With so many varieties of treats in stores and online – how are you to ever know which are healthy rabbit treats and which are unhealthy and possibly even unsafe for your rabbit to consume?

What brands of treats do I think are the best?

Bunniful Epicurean: These treats are by far my most favorite – why? Because I know the lady who makes these and I absolutely 100% trust every ingredient that goes in them! Not only that, but I love to support small businesses and that’s exactly what this brand is! Check out the 2 flavors we currently have available: Original (which is more of a banana based treat) and Southwestern (specifically made with my rabbit, Simba, in mind since he can’t have fruit!). Personally, I would suggest banana for any of the fruit bunny fruits and the Southwestern for anyone with a sensitive tummy when it comes to fruit!

Oxbow: Oxbow is by and far one of my most trusted brands. It’s a simple go-to for bunny parents that don’t have much time to research every item in their bunny treats and they are incredibly easy to find, no matter if you prefer to shop online or in-store at some of the more popular pet stores like PetSmart. Check out my bunny favorites: Simple Rewards Banana and Simple Rewards Strawberry. Keep a look out for a bunch of new Oxbow products in our store coming soon!

What ingredients should you look out for that indicate healthy versus unhealthy treats?

Healthy Ingredients

  • Rabbit-safe fruits and vegetables 
  • Timothy, orchard grass, alfalfa hay, clover, oat hays
  • Barley
  • Vitamins – not necessary but not something to worry about
  • Flax
  • Safflower
  • Freeze-dried fruits

*Please note: although alfalfa should not normally be fed to adult rabbits – as small amounts in treats – is acceptable for your adult bunny!

Unhealthy Ingredients

  • Yogurt
  • Sweetened fruits
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Corn hulls or corn cobs
  • Eggs (yes, some brands use egg!)
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Cheese flavoring
  • Fruit or artificial flavorings
  • Dried milk

*To learn about why some of these ingredients are harmful, read here!

Check out these simple ways to make your own rabbit treats!

Willow or apple twigs: If you have willow or apple trees available to your disposal (and you know these trees have NOT been treated with pesticides or other chemicals) — pick off some branches, wash in water, and leave them out to dry! Most rabbits go bonkers for these simple treats! Some other tree options are birch, maple, pear, and spruce! Bonus: They are perfect for helping to keep your rabbits teeth trimmed down!

Dehydrated fruits & vegetables: Another simple and easy treat – all you need is a dehydrator! If you’re interested in this route: here are two dehydrators from Amazon’s top rated list: Presto Electric Food Dehydrator (their cheaper option) OR Nesco Food Dehydrator (their more expensive option).

Rabbit Cakes: Check out this recipe on how to make your own rabbit treats! Feel free to substitute or add some of your rabbits favorite fruits & vegetables!

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