bunny parent, bunny owner

It’s usually pretty obvious which of us fits into the “bunny parent” category and those that fit into a bunny owner. But for those of you who need further information to figure out what you are, check these out for further clarification!

1. Your rabbit’s daily salad is a work of art.

bunny owner, bunny parent
               Beautiful bunny salads!

There’s a quickly thrown together salad….and then there’s our salads. The ones that have been washed, rinsed, spun, dried, and then repeat. Every day. 8 salads a day.

2. You have so many flavors and varieties of treats and hay toppers that you could open up your own store.

What rabbit can go without a variety? What a boring life that would be!

3. You know more about rabbit medical research and veterinarian advice than most vets.

Yes, it’s true. And no, it’s not being snotty or cocky. A good number of us get well rounded opinions and decisions from multiple vets as well as other bunny parents to get all our options straight before making medical decisions!

4. Before your rabbits eat their hay-it’s shaken out, mixed with other varieties, reboxed, and only then fed. Or you go the extra mile and purchase prevacummed hay.

Yes, vacuumed hay is a thing. Yes, our rabbits get the best hay the country has to offer. Even when the shipping price is more expensive than the actual hay.

5. When your rabbit is angry, the whole house knows it.

Since your rabbit is an active member of your family, the whole house turns upside when the bunny is unhappy!

6. You never take a vacation because you trust your rabbit with no one.

Those of us lucky enough to have dedicated bunny people in our lives, are the only ones lucky enough to take vacations! If you get a good one….never…never….never move!

7. A picture of your rabbit is tattooed on your body.

Oops. No regrets.

bunny owner, bunny parent
                            Bunny Love!

Photo Courtesy of Big Stock Photo / Willee Cole.

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  • Jessi

    January 24, 2017 at 9:57 am Reply

    I really liked reading your post. So funny and mostly true:) Thanks for sharing it with us.