Introducing the Bunny Chick

Hi, my name is Sandra Lee. I call myself the Bunny Chick because I love my bunnies. Actually, they mean the world to me. I’m guessing if you are checking out my site, you probably feel the same way.

When I started with my buns, I had no idea what I was doing! Still, I wanted to make the best life I possibly could for them.

Bunnies are the third most popular pet these days, yet good information is so hard to find.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a lot of things by having 8 buns of my own.

My goal is simple: to share quality, proven products and information with you to make your life easier. Whether it comes to treats, toys, bonding, diet, care, or even money saving tips and tricks, I will share them with you on my blog and make them available to you in my store.

I hope you visit again soon, and that you’ve learned something new!

Your Fellow Bun Momma,


Sandra Lee

Founder and Bun Mom of 8

Meet the Bunnies Behind the Blog

We all found our start in bunnies somewhere and mine came four years ago when my boyfriend and I were looking for a small-house-but-busy-life friendly pet! One day, he came home from work and suggested a bunny. My first reaction was “like the farm animal?!”. Oh, if only…. Fast forward two weeks of research later to our first furry family member.


Our first bunny – who had the unlucky fortune of being the first one to go “all wrong”. Fleury was purchased at 8 weeks old from a breeder an hour and a half away. We did the usual first time bunny parent thing – small pet store cage, yogurt treats, and all! Thankfully, a little further research and that bag was never opened!

Fleury is a Tan which is known in the breeder world as a “running breed” meaning they are judged by how they run on the show table. It also means they are a very, very active breed. To say we had little idea about the journey we were getting into with a new, hyper baby bunny was an understatement. Fleury is Trouble (with the capital T). He has known nothing but plush carpet at the base of feet since 8 weeks of age and the attitude that flows from him surely shows it!

At four years of age, he is just as active as he was at 8 weeks. Despite his trouble-making, he absolutely adores interaction with his humans. He loves to destroy everything in his path, hates to try new foods, and spends his days tormenting his siblings!



The more research we did on our new bun, the more we realized he would need a friend in his life to be a completely fulfilled and happy bunny – so introduce Sidney! Sidney is yes, another Tan, and was a sibling out of the same litter as Fleury and identical twins to boot!

At three months of age, Sidney wanted nothing to do with us and seemed to be terrified of everyone and everything around her. Due to her age (and being un-spayed) we had to hold off on introducing her to Fleury. We spent the next two months trying everything possible to earn her trust with little success. At five months old when she was finally spayed, we spent the entire next week catering to her every need as she healed. She finally began to come around – and as you can see from the next photo – we have developed a wonderful relationship with her and her multitude of personality!

Sidneys main joy in life is escaping every pen she has ever been placed in. If there is no way out, she will create one! Unfortunately, with her (and her siblings) incredibly destructive habits she is not free-roam material!  Unlike Fleury, she loves to try new foods and is the most daring of my Tans! Being wary of her chompers in this house is a must, she loves to use them to play!



Well…The story of Tanger is pretty typical. When deciding who would be the next friend for Fleury – we could not come to a mutual decision. A month later we had gone back and brought Tanger home. Unlike his twin siblings, he is a chocolate Tan, and came with a much more people-friendly personality.

At four years old, Tanger has definitely taken a different path than his twin siblings and has a much calmer and more docile personality. Unlike his siblings, Tanger is always up for a few moments of pets and enjoys spending some time with his humans for a few minutes!  Tanger has a love like no other for a craisin and will take a finger if you’re not careful!  Unfortunately, last year he was diagnosed with early onset aging in both eyes. Luckily, he has both siblings to take wonderful care of him!


Fun Facts About Tans:

  • Tans all look the same! All Tans have the same tan coloring on their undersides and as outlining! The only difference between the 4 different colors (black, chocolate, lilac, and blue) is their top coat color!  Black is the only original color – the other three colors were developed by breeders (ekk!).
  • Tans are very, very hyper bunnies. They need lots of mental and physical stimulation!
  • Their structure is more hare-like than a typical rabbit!
  • They originated in England!

And then came my introduction into RESCUE RABBITS!

About 7 months after the purchase of our first three bunnies, I looked into volunteering at our local Humane Society. I signed up, took the course, and began volunteering.  I quickly realized the many different and varied personalities of rabbits. I quickly fell in love with the personality of those who seemed more docile, who loved attention, and seemed more oriented to being “affectionate”. So we began our search into adopting…


I stumbled upon Simba while searching on Petfinder. Simba was listed with a local rabbit rescue I was not familiar with, Rabbit Wranglers. He was handsome fluffy Lionhead! We quickly inquired and within a few days, we set up a meeting!

Simba was listed as two years old when we met him. He was found wandering a local school yard by a teacher and surrendered to the Humane Society. It was discovered he had an umbilical hernia from a botched neuter. It was repaired and Simba was up for adoption. Being the handsome man  he is, he quickly went home with a family, but was returned when they realized he was terrified of their dogs. Shortly after, he was placed on the euthanasia list and pulled by Rabbit Wranglers for rehabilitation. When placed in a home setting, Simba flourished as a wonderful little man who loved everyone and everything.

We took him home that night! Simba has become the love of my boyfriends life. This little man has so much love to give and boy does he give it! He loves to give kisses and loves snuggles with his humans and bonded buddies. About a year ago, Simba started experiencing rough bouts of stasis until we removed all fruit and sweets from his diet. His favorite treat was craisins but he has learned to live without and now has a very newfound love for Barley Biscuits!



Nora, our beautiful Nora, was the first rabbit we (my boyfriend and I) rescued. While sitting at home one night, I got a text message from a friend with a picture of Nora. She was sitting at a local pet store covered in pine shavings with an upper respiratory infection as well as being slightly tilted and very emaciated. We headed on over to check her out and see if there was anything we could do. Unfortunately, by the next day she still had not received vet care and my boyfriend showed up at my job holding our new furry family member (though we didn’t know it at the time).

I immediately contacted Rabbit Wranglers who admitted her into their rescue on the basis that we would be her foster parents until she was old enough to be spayed and adopted out. Needless to say, by the time she was six months old and spayed, we signed the adoption papers and she officially had a family!

At almost two years old, Nora is the sweetest Lionhead. She has a lot of attitude though it’s mainly directed only at her humans when we do something that she dislikes – like cheek rubs! She will sit on your lap for hours for pets but boy does she hate snuggles! She’s a sucker for banana and truly believes everything belongs to her.



Lacey was another volunteering “mishap”! HA HA. While volunteering one day at the Humane Society, my boyfriend came down to pick me and took a look at all the bunnies. He immediately fell head over heels for the beautiful FLUFFBALL listed as an Angora. (If I said I hadn’t fell for her as well – I would be lying!) Her history isn’t very well known but she was surrendered for biting a young child.

She came home with us and made herself right at home by claiming the entire house (and its belongings; humans included) as her own. Lacey has an attitude larger than life but loves to snuggle! She is the mean girl of her quartet and loves to boss around the other two girls (Nora and Zoe). Despite her the bunnitude she possesses, she loves her sweets with banana being a favorite! She does a mean binky too!

We have come to the conclusion that Lacey is a Lionhead/Angora mix. She has a lot of the qualities of an Angora but is much too small to be a true Angora and has a very small patch of short fur on her back.


Fun Facts About Lionheads:

  • Lionheads are known for their large attitudes but loving personalities!
  • Lionheads are man-created and unfortunately are prone to a bunch of medical problems.
  • They are thought to have originated in Belguim!
  • No one actually knows what combination of rabbit breeds actually created the first Lionhead!


Tucker…where to even begin.  Tucker was adopted from the Humane Society at a year old. He had been surrendered for being aggressive and biting a child. He had been at the shelter for two days and had already developed a reputation for being a very “aggressive and mean” bunny. I stuck my nose in his cage and he licked my nose. We immediately began filling out his adoption papers and brought him our new little Holland Lop.

Two weeks into his time home, I noticed he had quickly lost almost half a pound of weight. After numerous tests, he was finally been diagnosed with severe anxiety and OCD. He has a lot of trouble interacting with other rabbits and people – to the point he has almost injured himself (and other bunnies) in an attempt to run away. At this point in his life, his anxiety is managed through daily doses of Xanax and his Thundershirt.

Despite his set-backs in life, this boy is simply amazing. He is a complete snuggle bug and LOVES attention. His favorite food is grapes and he loves his many types of hidey houses!!


Fun Facts About Holland Lops:

  • Holland Lops are also man-made; this makes this breed also very prone to medical issues.
  • This breed was created in the Netherlands!
  • They are known for being very gentle and quiet rabbits.


Zoe, the last of our warren, was discovered when a co-worker of mine told me about a friend of hers hat had breeding rabbits (4 altogether). Zoe, at five months of age, had been bred. We had no idea what happened to the babies. This friend had left her husband and all four bunnies stuck outside in the middle of January with no food. My boyfriend and I quickly contacted the breeder and asked if she would be willing to hand them over to us. She agreed and late that night, we went to pick up all four.

When we got to her home, all four bunnies were outside in hutches with wire bottoms and little shelter. No water, no food, no hay. We packed them all up and brought them home. The three others quickly found adoptive homes and after much debate, Zoe found a home with us.

Zoe is an absolutely gorgeous black Lionlop. She detests being touched and has no room for interaction from “the lowly humans” in her life. It’s important to note that Zoe is not frightened of us – but simply has no use for us!  At 6.3 lbs, she is the biggest of our buns and the most “snuggly” looking! But not one snuggle does she like. Her main loves in life are food and climbing! She also has a wonderful personality when it comes to other bunnies – she has quickly groomed and fallen in love with every single rabbit she has met!  At only a little over a year old, she still has her baby tendencies but we love her none-the-less!


Fun Facts About Lion Lops:

  • Lion Lops are one of the newest rabbit breeds.
  • They are also man-made (like both the Lionheads and Holland Lops).
  • The Lion Lop was developed in the UK.