Let’s cut straight to the chase: rescues are among the most amazing organizations out there. I can’t say “thank you” enough to my amazing two local rabbit rescues: Rabbit Wranglers and Judge’s Park.

I was so lucky to adopt Simba, pictured right, from Rabbit Wranglers. After being discovered wandering a local school yard, and being diagnosed with a hernia, Simba was nearly euthanized at the local shelter due to his cage aggression. Rabbit Wranglers nurtured him into an affectionate, cuddly little man who loves to give his humans kisses.

So, bottom line: My site is about the buns above all else. Four times per year (once per quarter), I donate 5% of my profits (from the previous quarter) to local rabbit rescues.

When you buy from The Bunny Chick, you can know you’re also helping to support local rescues around the country.

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