Diet for Adult Rabbits (Over Six Months of Age)

Timothy, Orchard Grass, or Oat Hay
Fresh Vegetables
Timothy-Based Pellets

  1. Hay: unlimited Timothy, Orchard Grass, or Oat hay
  2. Pellets: 1/4 to 1/2  cup of Timothy-based pellets for every 6 lbs. of rabbit (I highly recommend Oxbow)
  3. Fresh Vegetables: 2 cups of recommended veggies per day
  4. Treats: treats made of rabbit-safe ingredients (no yogurt, nuts, etc.)
  5. Water: unlimited water

Diet for Young Rabbits (Under Six Months of Age)

Alfalfa Hay
Alfalfa-Based Pellets

  1. Hay: unlimited Alfalfa hay
  2. Pellets: unlimited Alfalfa-based pellets (I highly recommend Oxbow)
  3. Water: unlimited water

Starting At 12 Weeks of Age:

You can begin introducing recommended vegetables one at a time.  Do one a week and watch bunnys poos to make sure the new veggie isn’t upsetting their sensitive stomachs.  Remove veggie from list and try others if it does bother the bun.

Treats for Young Bunnies:

Introduce treats slowly and carefully. Be sure to only feed bunny-safe treats. Bun should not have more than 2 oz. of treats per 6 lbs. of body weight.