Daily Grooming

If you have a long-haired bun (such as an Angora or Jersey Wooly) they should be groomed a few times a week, if not daily.

If bun is shedding or a molt is occurring, daily is essential for ensuring your bun doesn’t get backed up with a hairball.  Since bunnies don’t have the ability to throw-up, this can be very fatal.

Grooming daily not only helps your bun keep themselves clean, but decreases the amount of hair they will ingest into their systems. Shorter-haired buns can usually go without daily grooming unless going through a bad shed or molt.

(When buying a brush or comb I try running the brush down the inside of my arm to get a sense of one that may be too rough.  Remember, bunnies have very sensitive skin!)

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Monthly Grooming

For Safety: Bunny Burrito

For monthly grooming, be sure that you have a secure handling on your bunny. The bunny burrito is a popular way to ensure secure handling:

(I chose an “uncooperative” bunny burrito because I can attest to the fact that only ONE of mine will let me bunny burrito him the way the videos always show – where the bunny sits pleasantly on the towel until you can slowly wrap it around him.)

Nail Trims

A much easier procedure than anal gland cleaning (below) thankfully but can still be stressful for both bunny and bunny parent with an uncooperative bunny. Get bunny in the Bunny Burrito position (or any other position that works better for you) and pull out one foot at a time, trimming nails carefully and watching for the quick! (The quick is the red line that runs down through the nail – if your bun has dark nails like most of mine then you can do what I do and just trim close to the edge of the nail, sort of where it begins to curl.) If you do get the quick and the bunny nail begins bleeding a simple solution is to dip the nail in some flour. This should stop the bleeding.

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Anal Gland Cleaning

I would suggest doing this with two people. Have one person holding the bunny in the Bunny Burrito while the other person slowly slips the bum out of the towel taking care to hold the bunny tight so he doesn’t feel he is being suspended in mid-air (this freaks them out quite a bit and I guarantee you will have a fight on your hands). Gently sift around until you find the anal glands. You will know you have found them when a not-very-pleasant order arises when they are opened. Take a Q-Tip dipped in warm water and gently swip Q-Tip through the anal gland – cleaning out any gunk you can see.

Other Maintenance

This is also a great time (while in the Bunny Burrito) to check things like the feet for sore hocks and make sure the teeth and gums look healthy and normal.  (Gums should be a pink color – not white, red, or purple). It’s also a great time to check the body for any abnormal lumps or abscesses. If you have a loppy-eared bunny I would suggest using this time to check the inside of the ears and make sure they are not being built up with any visible wax.

And most important:  When done, GIVE BUNNY A (BUN-SAFE) TREAT! 😉