First thing you need to know? Pet store cages are NOT suitable for housing a rabbit – they simply don’t have enough room for your bunny. AND NO WIRE BOTTOMS. (Rabbits do not have padding on their feet like cats and dogs and wire bottoms will create sore hocks). Here are some solutions to building your bunny a habitat he will be comfortable and safe in.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, DO NOT KEEP BUN OUTSIDE.

Free Roam

That Fluffy Bunny Requires LOTS of Grooming!
Simba loves having free roam access to part of the house!

Free-roaming your bunny is a great thing if you have the ability to do so.  To be able to do this – you need a bunny that is rather docile and not prone to getting into everything and some great skills at bunny-proofing for those just-in-case’s.   It’s necessary to put litter boxes throughout the areas bunny has access to.  This will help prevent many litter-box accidents.   Provide many toys of different varieties to help discourage bun from getting bored and being destructive.  I would suggest trying out this situation more than once before leaving bunny alone so you can figure out any things you need to fix that you may not realize bunny can get into.

Rabbit-Proofing Tips for Free Roam

Rabbit Proof off areas of the house you would prefer bun to stay out of, put plastic casing tubes around any lose wires or cords that bun could reach to chew on, cardboard or wood slabs can help block off areas under couches or in furniture you wouldn’t want bunny getting under and chewing the bottom, and spray areas bunny tends to chew with a scented deterrent you can find at a pet store or on-line.

Exercise Pens (X-Pens)

X-pens are probably the easiest way of providing a habitat for your new family member.  X-pens are easy to put up and easy to take down.  They close easily to fit together in almost any place and can  be transferred from one room to another – or even one house to another with little work involved.  They can be moved around to fit in almost any area and able to move to different shapes to accommodate your needs and it’s relatively simple to install a shelf or two if you are interested in making a 2nd level for your bunny.

Bunny Condos

Here's a condo that I built from nic cubes for my bunny rabbits.
Here’s a condo that I built from nic cubes for my bunny rabbits.

Bunny condos can be made out of virtually anything.  Typically though they are made out of NIC cubes which you can pick up at your local Target, Home Depot, ect.   Although a lot of work in creating, bunny condos can make very sturdy houses that can be created a number of ways.  One floor, two floor, three floors – I’ve even seen a FIVE floor bunny condo!  Amazing pieces of work that bunnies thoroughly enjoy.