This may not seem like “Basic Care” but it is. Without a doubt, it is. Bunnies are very social, very interactive animals. Leaving a bun without toys and no interaction, is no difficult than putting a human in a cage with nothing to do. They need entertainment.  Mental stimulation is vital to keeping your bun happy and healthy!

I recommend a combination of store-bought toys supplemented with less expensive homemade toys. The combination will keep your bun always entertained!

Store-Bought Toys

  1. Chew Toys as an outlet for your bunny’s chewing needs (otherwise, they’ll end up chewing something else in your home!)
  2. Hideouts and Tunnels as safe places for your bunny to go when they’re scared
  3. Toss Toys for your bunny to throw around to quell boredom

Homemade Toys

There are many great items that you already have, which can be converted into free or inexpensive toys for your bun:

  1. Paper towel rolls
  2. Toilet paper rolls
  3. Towels
  4. Wooden sticks and dowels (non-treated)
  5. Cardboard boxes with holes cut in between to create tunnels
  6. Cardboard boxes filled with shredded paper or newspaper makes for an awesome diggy box
  7. Untreated wicker baskets
  8. Paper bags
  9. Phone books