Today – while helping a client bond her two rabbits – I had a break through when discussing those pesky dominant behaviors we all see our rabbits engage in during the bonding process. A lot of people have a hard time seeing their rabbits bicker and scuffle so when I’m dealing with clients and their rabbits I like to put each situation into perspective for them – to help them see the situation from their rabbits point of view. As I was explaining MY perspective on the rabbit relationship to my client, it dawned on me that many people who contact me feel the same way. Depressed, agitated, and a loss of hope due to dominant behavioral issues within the pair or group.

Why do my rabbits react so aggressively when they meet another rabbit?

Rabbits are not naturally aggressive. They are herd animals and as such, love friends! However, rabbits are also very complex little creatures and very sensitive to boot. The bonds they establish with their partner and group mates are for LIFE. Take a look at it from a different angle.

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